These days, it has become easier than ever for anybody to build a website, even without prior experience or education. Whether you need a basic website that shows information about your business or are thinking of starting your own eCommerce store, there are lots of platforms like Shopify, WordPress, SquareSpace and Wix that you can use to build your own website even if you don’t know any code.

However, after some time you might find that your DIY website needs to be overhauled. Here are some of the main signs that you might benefit from working with a web design professional.

4 Signs That it’s Time to Hire a Web Designer

Not Getting Results

If you’re constantly fighting with your website to try and get it to do the things that you want but are being restricted by the website building platform that you are using, it might be time to call in the professionals. You can find local web design agencies in the West Midlands that can design a custom website for you and have it perform exactly how you have envisioned it. Along with this, if you’re not getting the results that you had hoped for in terms of traffic, conversions, and sales, then they can look over the site to see where things have gone wrong and help you make the necessary improvements.

Dated Design

If you look at your site and it feels like it might have been built fifty years ago compared to other comparable business websites, then it’s probably time to think about getting a professional in to update it. Web design trends change all the time so even if when you built your website you kept with what was popular at the time, a few years later and all of that could be seriously old-fashioned and out of touch. By working with a web designer, you can get a website that looks and feels seriously modern and on trend.

Slow Loading

A slow loading website can lead to all kinds of problems, but mainly, the biggest issue that it can cause is frustration among your visitors. In fact, so much so that people might just hit the back button before your site has even had a chance to load, meaning that they never actually visit, and the bounce rate grows over time. With a high bounce rate for your website, it can become even more difficult to get your business found and seen online since Google will not rank a site with a high bounce rate very highly.

Not Getting Everything That You Need

As your business grows and expands over time you might find that your website building platform doesn’t offer everything that you need. Many website platforms are scalable but only to a point. Working with a web designer can help you get access to a wide range of additional services that you can use to support your business growth and help your company develop even further.

While building your own business website is a popular choice these days, there may come a time where the next best step is to work with a web design company.

4 Signs That it’s Time to Hire a Web Designer

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