I take pride in my work as a small business marketing coach, and my clients success is my success.  Read on to learn how I helped these raving fans grow their businesses.

“Our meeting CHANGED MY LIFE!! I HAVE CLIENTS THANKS TO YOU! Thanks for being there when I needed that SPARK! I look for ways to pay it forward every day!” ~Vena Jensen Blitsch, Vibrant Internet Marketing

“The [Get the SPARK™] eBooks were beneficial to me in creating my blog www.educatedandfabulous.com.  It allowed me to think about how to “get the word out” and create a plan for marketing my blog.  Previously, I did not have a detailed plan in place.  The Spark Marketing System™ helped me to start documenting my plan, and stop doubting myself!” ~Nicole Hickland, Educated & Fabulous

“I just went through the first two [Get the SPARK™] modules and I think they are great! As a fellow marketing enthusiast, I was right there with you through all of the concepts and steps to follow. It was an easy and conversational read, and one that I think that small business people will appreciate. The main value that I found in the 2 modules was the easily followable steps and the challenges that readers are instructed to incorporate into their businesses but more so their lives, especially Module 1. I am very impressed with the information that you’ve offered. It’s like at least 2 semesters of marketing courses condensed to 80 pages. It makes me think, I could have just bought your E-book instead of borrowing tens of thousands of dollars to go to college. Good job!” ~ Derek Bolton, Hester & Waters Law

“The entire eBook, [Know Your Business, was helpful] because this is where I am in my business planning now.  It helped me to really define my target market and think about the essence and personality of my writing business. It made me think and work.” ~ Marcie Hill, The Write Design Company – http://www.thewritedesignco.com

Get the SPARK™ will be extremely helpful to those considering small business ownership, those who’ve just started their business, and more seasoned business owners. The right mindset is so important, and Dequiana gives you actionable, practical advice on how to cultivate a winning business mindset. In addition, she shows you how to develop rock-solid confidence in the product or service you offer to the world. You’re almost guaranteed to noticeably increase your sales after this course… it’s THAT good!” ~ Anilia Arneus, Motivated Sista – http://www.motivatedsista.com

“Last night I attended Dequiana Brooks’ What Do You Really Sell? Creating Your Brand Equity Pyramid marketing seminar. I really had a breakthrough on the call! I realized that my business is not about me. It’s all about my customers. This breakthrough is going to help me when I plan my next vending show.” – Winnie Burch, Moetleh Cards & Messages

“[Dequiana Jackson] taught us 5 affirmations about our business and the thing that resonated with me most was – ‘My business is not about me, it is about my customer.’ We have all heard the old montage that the customer is always right. But when your services and products reap of meaningful benefits for your customers there is no battle between you and your client or your business.  Always keep the customer/client in mind when creating new products new services. Thanks Dequiana for reminding us of that!” – Nicole Taylor, Drive Coaching & Consulting

“Thanks for the teleseminar, it was quite interesting. I learned a lot and what I learned I am able to put into action right away. I am also able to focus or summarize on what it is that I offer and who my target market is, etc, etc. Thanks again!” – S. Leslye Binns

“It was very informative and timely for me! 😉 Thank you!” – Tanisha Wilson, Petite Priss