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[frame_left]http://inspiredmarketinginc.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/06/Profile-Pic-6-2011-e1309119874176.png[/frame_left]My name is Dequiana Brooks Jackson, and I am a small business marketing coach who specializes in helping women entrepreneurs get out of their own way and use solid marketing strategies to reach their ideal clients.  I know how some of you are feeling: you’re passionate about your business, but something about the marketing just isn’t working.  You know you have a unique gift that would benefit others, but you’re having trouble attracting your ideal clients (whoever they are).  You’ve been promoting your business but are stuck there, too, and need some new ideas.  This web site is packed with information to ignite your business, but before you continue browsing, I want you to take advantage of these free gifts.  I’m here to offer you not 1, not 2 but THREE bonus itemsthat will help you get the spark back in your business today.

FREE GIFT #1 A Get the SPARK™ eBook Series Excerpt: Know Yourself & Know Your Business. The Know Yourself excerpt gives you smart solutions for some of the worst self-sabotaging behaviors and teaches you the first steps to changing your mindset.  The Know Your Business excerpt gets you thinking about what you really sell and how you can use that to attract ideal customers.  In addition to lessons from both eBooks, you’ll also receive worksheets to help you get started on transforming your business immediately.  This eBook series excerpt will come directly to your inbox after you fill out the form and confirm your subscription.

A few days later you’ll receive FREE GIFT #2 – The Importance of Defining Your Target Consumer Audio Training
This quick tip teaches you how crucial it is to find your target consumer, those customers who not only want what you have but are also willing to pay for it.

As a 3RD BONUS ITEM, you’ll also be subscribed to Inspired Media Small Business Tips, an e-zine filled with articles, marketing tips and more to grow your business.  After you sign up for these incredible free gifts, continue browsing the web site where I’ve got tons of info to get you started on the path to business success.

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