Digital Product Creation Challenge - Less Whitespace

Join me for a FREE 12-day digital product creation challenge. In it, you’ll get the tools you need to create your own digital product for sale or giveaway. If you follow the steps day-by-day, you could even leave with a finished product! While this round of the challenge starts June 13th, all content is delivered via email. You can join anytime!

We’ll be talking about the following:

  • The business benefits of digital product creation
  • Why you may not have created a digital product before
  • Goal setting
  • Finding out what keeps your customers up at night
  • Analyzing the data you find
  • Choosing the perfect product format
  • Producing your content & what might keep you stuck
  • Tools to make your digital product look good
  • Sales page creation
  • Keeping the shopping process simple for your customers
  • Promotional plans
  • Our greatest wins during the challenge

There are three stages to the digital product development process – Plan, Produce & Promote. For 12 days, I’ll take you through this process, one email at a time. You’ll receive an assignment a day in your email inbox along with resources to help you complete it. There will also be dedicated daily threads in private Facebook group to post your assignments, ask questions or celebrate your success.

It’s time to showcase your expertise, serve more people, gain authority and create a new income stream. If you’re in, fill out the form below.

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