Things are ever-changing with businesses. To stay the same means to differ to customer needs. When that happens, customers leave and revenue rapidly declines. If anything is clear, is that businesses depend on maintaining customer satisfaction. To maintain your customers and even create a larger base of them, businesses must provide additional payment options (like credit card and debit card payment types). Fewer and fewer businesses take cash only—and for good reason.

The average consumer has more than 3 credit cards (or translate that to 80 percent of U.S. families). This past year alone, consumer credit card usage increased by 10 percent; and 23% for debit and prepaid card types. This trend is here to stay; so adapt your business accordingly. Targeted Merchant Solutions prides itself on providing reliable and affordable merchant services and equipment for small and large businesses alike. We have the tools that can help your business succeed in an ever-changing marketplace.


Infographic Source Link: Targeted Merchant Solutions

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Better Business Depends on Merchant Equipment

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